Chris David Miles Resume

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2011 – Current

Web Design & Front-End Development


I have experience with front-end design and WordPress development. I’ve built several different types of websites including charity sites for friends and blogs for family members. To achieve the unique vision each website, I developed custom WordPress themes and plugins, and became familiar with theme-review guidelines. I’ve used this experience to write in-depth tutorials on navigating and customizing WordPress.

Sept 2017 – Present

Product Manager

Endurance International

Currently at Endurance International, I’m a Product Manager responsible for gathering and assessing business goals, market research, customer feedback. I manage two teams focused on the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes, and system health and stability.

June 2016 – Sept 2017

CX Writer and Researcher


I worked with the CX Team at Bluehost creating A/B tests on, writing and editing knowledge base articles, and working on other various projects to reduce customer contacts.

Oct 2014 – June 2016

Customer Support


As a Web Advisor, and Senior Web Advisor I handled technical support chats for Bluehost customers and techs. I solved technical issues with websites, cPanel, and email. I was asked to assist the Bluehost Training Department with training new agents and Level 2 Technical Support agents.

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Drew WildeProduct Manager / Bluehost

“Chris is the quintessential coworker. We’ve been peers as we’ve triaged problems, built products, tested software and traveled as a part of our conference team. He isn’t afraid to tackle difficult problems, be honest with feedback and strive for the best customer experience possible. Truly a talent.”

Christopher TuttleTraining Manager / Mojo Marketplace

“I am consistently impressed by Chris’ ability to organize any situation into a simple action plan. He also knows how to finish what he starts. Chris adapts to new situations seamlessly which makes him good at whatever is put in front of him.”

Matt MullenwegFounder & CEO / Automattic

No endorsement, but in 2017 Matt retweeted one of Chris’ tweets. Chris still talks about it to this day.