Topic: WordPress

  • Edge Cacheable Comments in WordPress

    Caching is fantastic and the key to making websites performant and scalable. But comments can make caching tricky because they have the opportunity to invalidate a page’s cache so often. Every time a comment is posted on a site, the page it’s ...

  • Improved Twitter Embed CSS

    I love oEmbed. The fact that you can just paste a url of something into an editor and it automatically embeds is fantastic. And while Twitter embeds do look pretty good out of the box, there are a few things that you can tweak to make it a bit better.

  • Inheriting a Website

    You don’t always get to start a project at the beginning. Sometimes the handoff is easy. Sometimes it’s like trying to learn to drive while the car is already barreling down the freeway. Usually, it’s somewhere in between. But no matter ...